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  • The necessity of starting a national cultural institution was generated in the first postwar years from the efforts to complement all the things that the Macedonian nation, due to the historical circumstances, was not able to accomplish in the past.
    The initiative to open the Art Gallery, the present National Gallery of Macedonia, was forwarded by the founders of the Macedonian contemporary fine art: Lazar Ličenoski, Nikola Martinoski, Dimče Koco, Dimo Todorovski and the other members of DLUM (Association of Artists of Macedonia). In 1948, by the decision of the Ministry of Education and the Government of the People’s Republic of Macedonia, the establishment of an Art Gallery began as part of the national program that included the organization of the entire social, educational and cultural life in the newly founded state.

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    Feb, 18

  • Exhibition – Adem Kastrati

    Krushevska 1A

    June 19 @ 20:00 - 22:00

    Retrospective exhibition of Adem Kastrati on the occasion of 70 years since the founding of the National Gallery of Macedonia on

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