“Direction” by Ismet Ramićević – Exhibition

Born in Dubnica, Sjenica, Serbia, in 1960. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje, Department of Sculpture, from the class of Prof. Petar Hadzi Boshkov, in 1985. Member of DLUM (Macedonian Association of Fine Artists) since 1987. Works at the Faculty of Fine Arts (University St. Cyril and Methodius) in Skopje at the Department of Sculpture as an Associate Professor of Sculpture, Sculptural Techniques and Drawing. Up till now, he had 18 solo […]

Exhibition of Ismet Ramićević in Cifte hammam

On the October 28, 2014 (Tuesday), starting at 8 pm, NI National Gallery of Macedonia, in the object Chifte Hammam will present the solo exhibition of Ismet Ramićević titled “Direction”. Locating the position of Ismet Ramicevic within a certain framework of the history of contemporary Macedonian art, certainly as an inevitable determinant we must point out his affiliation with the generation that began creating in this territory in the eighties and defined the Macedonian art […]

Jubilee exhibition of Vasilije Popovic – Cico (1914-2014)

Please note that the October 4, 2014 (Saturday), beginning at 20:00 pm, organized by the NI National Gallery of Macedonia and Museum of the Macedonian National Theatre, in Daut Pasha Hamam will be presented jubilee exhibition Centential, Vasilije Popovic – Cico (1914-2014). The exhibition is part of the event “White Night”. It will be open until November 4, 2014. Vasilije Popovic – Cico was born in 1914 in Shkodra, Montenegro, and in 1938 he graduated […]

MO(NU)MENT by Goce Nanevski in NGM

MO(NU)MENTalism The newest achievement of the author Goce Nanevski titled simply “MO(NU)MENT” represents a kind of continuation of his previous research in the area of three-dimensional objectness.   In the given case, despite the minimalistic geometry emphasized in his early works (starting from the first solo exhibitions in the Youth Cultural Centre, Skopje, 1998 and Museum of the City of Skopje, 2002), during the recent years, starting from 2006 (Road, National Museum of Veles, 2006, […]

Angel Miov’s “Pull the strings…” (exhibition)

Game of (pulling the) strings… The explication of Angel Miov’s latest project, ironically titled “Pull the strings…”, offers several open interpretations of the title itself, but also of the artistic material with variable context and meaning in modern life. In the first place, the double meaning (or ambiguity) that is suggested in the title alludes to: the art aesthetics of the material that the artist used in the creation of his works – strings of […]