Exhibition of Vasko Tashkovski in Daut Pasha Hamam

NI The National Gallery of Republic of North Macedonia has the special honour to announce the retrospective exhibition of the academician Vaso Tashkovski, a leading representative of surrealism, fantastic painting, ecological and cosmic themes in the Macedonian figurative art, with a wide affirmation in the Balkans, Europe and the world. According to his contemporaries, Vasko Tashkovski’s contribution to contemporary Macedonian art at the very beginning of his work is emphasized by following his own quiet […]

“Spaces of oblivion” by Aleksandra Petrusevska Ristovska in Mala stanica

The new reality confronts us with fundamental problems accumulated for decades; it faces us with the realization that the social fabric is fragile in dealing with the new challenges which require collective solutions. And when in front of a network of crossroads, we have a feeling that the basic existence is endangered. Albeit in times of crisis, culture and art come last, this double marginalization can, in turn, be a chance to look at reality […]

Women in the Work of Lichenski – virtual tour

No influences of any kind or of anyone have been able to direct my love for art, in general or my love for painting, in particular. From the first moment I can recall anything about myself, as early as preschool, I have been drawing and painting passionately. Thus inspired by the artistic ideal, I’ve been moving relentlessly in the narrow path of a difficult life, working day and night, with a single objective – art. […]


At the OSTEN BIENNIAL of DRAWING Skopje 2020 – 260 artists from 44 countries participated with 819 works! Out of them, 135 artists were short-listed by the selector Emil ALEKSIEV, N. Macedonia and 75 artists were selected as finalists. Out of the finalists, the international jury: Katrin BECKER, Germany (Art Director at the “Kindl” Contemporary Art Center, Berlin), Lars KÆRULF MØLLER, Denmark (Director of the Bornholms Museum) and Zsolt PETRANYI, Hungary (Head of contemporary arts […]

The necessity of starting a national cultural institution was generated in the first postwar years from the efforts to complement all the things that the Macedonian nation, due to the historical circumstances, was not able to accomplish in the past.

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