Exhibition of art medals and other works by Nadia Rozeva in Cifte Hammam

On April 11 2024, Thursday, at 19:30, an exhibition of art medals and other works by Nadia Rozeva will open in Cifte Hammam. The medals have been created between 2003 -2024. This is the first ehibition of its kind in North Macedonia and will focus the public’s attention on the interesting genre of the art medal. Rozeva has included one of the architectural and cultural symbols of Skopje – the Old Post Office into her […]

Exhibition “Calliope Austria and North Macedonia”

The Austrian Embassy in cooperation with the National Gallery of the Republic of North Macedonia has the pleasure to announce and to invite you to the exhibition entitled “Calliope Austria and North Macedonia”, Women in Society, Culture and the Sciences. The exhibition will be opened on March 12, 2024, at 7:00 pm, at the Cifte Hamam Women have far too often been forgotten, overlooked and marginalized in Austria’s and North Macedonia’s official historiography — a […]

“Intimacy and Interconnection” – Winter Salon 2024

One of the traditionally most significant group exhibitions, which represents a selection of fine art productions on a theme determined by an international curator. Historically speaking, this exhibition is pivotal in terms of bold artistic debates and installations that affirm the role of visual installations as a reflection of society, with independence serving as a platform for experimentation and challenging existing conventions in search of new ideologies and modes of expression. This year 2024, the […]

Еxhibition of Angel Dimovski-Chaush “50 years of creative work”

We inform you that on February 1, 2024 at 7:30 p.m., the retrospective exhibition of Angel Dimovski-Chaush entitled “50 years of creative work” will be opened in the National Gallery, Chifte Amam building, and it is also an opportunity for the Macedonian cultural public to get acquainted with the rich creative oeuvre of this artist of ours who has been living and working on the Macedonia-France route for several decades. The works that Angel Dimovski […]

The necessity of starting a national cultural institution was generated in the first postwar years from the efforts to complement all the things that the Macedonian nation, due to the historical circumstances, was not able to accomplish in the past.

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