Aleksandar Kondev – Retrospective

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Aleksandar Kondev (1950) is one of those Macedonian photographers and artists whose work is indellibly linked with the development of the photographic art in the country. We are also at liberty to say that Kondev’s work is an integral part of the highest achievements of Macedonian photography starting from the second part of the 20th century up to today.

kondev postavka 7

He has been an active force for the past five decades in the varied and divergent trends that have shaped Macedonian photography, while his work is an important testimony to the overall development of this art in Macedonia.

The circumstances of his life, but also his clearly defined love of photography, has lead him relatively early (1969, though during the period 1961 – 1969 he was among the first to work in animation and film) to decide that this will be his main profession. This determination has not waned to this very day!

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