Exhibition “Theoria” by Zoran Poposki in Mala Stanica

The exhibition “Theoria” by Zoran Popovski will be opened on June 15th 2017, in multimedia centre Mala Stanica at 8.00 PM. Macedonian interdisciplinary artist Zoran Poposki’s latest project entitled “Theoria” is based on the principles of multilevel research in the field of cultural and social theories and practices, positioning himself as an analyst and critic of a multitude of topics relating to identity, territory, public space, etc. His current series of post-conceptual drawings entitled Theoria […]

Retrospective exhibition “Vangel Naumovski”

We inform you that at the National Gallery of Macedonia, object Daut Pasha Hamam, on December 23rd, 2016 (Friday) at 7 p.m. the retrospective exhibition “Vangel Naumovski” will be open. The exhibition presents a hundred works from all creative phases of Vangel Naumovski. The very name of Ohrid painter Vangel Naumovski brings several associations to our mind: in our country and in the world, he is always presented as a unique example of a painter […]

International group exhibition “Observation without an observer”

Time and venue: Monday, 17 October 2016, 19 hrs., Cifte Amam, Skopje The international group exhibition “Observation without an observer” is composed of works wherein presence, the human body, the figure, corporeality itself, and their “modifications” appear as both motif and “object” in terms of artistic considerations as well as the artists’ perceptions. The works not only have a subjective significance, but they also express the sociocultural issues/environments that catalyze and give rise to these […]

Retrospective Exhibition of Tomo Sijak

In opening of the Retrospective exhibition of Tomo Sijak is on the 25th of december 2015 (friday), in the National gallery of Macedonia, object Daut Pasha Hamam, at 8:00 PM. Tomo Sijak (1930-1998) is one of the few authors, born in the fifties of the twentieth century, who stood out as signifiers of the avant-garde flows of the Macedonian art of that period, and the thorough presentation of his work is further complicated because of […]

Exhibition of Czech Contemporary Art “The Exception and The Rule”

Exhibition of Czech Contemporary Art “The Exception and The Rule” in the National gallery of Macedonia, object Chifte hamam. Opening od December 23th (wednesday) at 7:30 PM. The Exception and the Rule Opening December, 23, 2015 So ends The story of a journey You have heard and you have seen You have seen what is common, what continually occurs But we ask you: Even if it´s not very strange, find it estranging Even if it […]

Exhibition by Zaneta Gelevska Veljanoska in Chifte hamam

Exhibition by Zaneta Gelevska Veljanoska in the National Gallery of Macedonia, object Chifte hamam on december 10th 2015 at 20:00 hours. “Connection” is the title of the exhibition which in itself suggests symbiosis of the most important values in life and in art. Zaneta Gelevska – Veljanoska invites the viewers to a new view of the term “community”. With her works, as in life, Zaneta communicates spirituality, insight and consistency, this time in a combined […]

Systemic matrix or matrix in the system

In one state there is an exhaustive classification of organisms (institutions, bodies) that are part of the system and operate according to certain rules imposed by the highest governing elements in the hierarchical organization. We are all part of such systems (some kind of manipulated puppets) in which we should fit, and function by set principles and norms. Often we can not fit into the molds, we feel trapped and endangered, our intellect and sound […]

“Retrospecive of the abstract photography” by Osman Demiri

Exhibition opening December 2nd 2015, 19:00 hours, object Chifte hamam. Open till December 8th 2015 … The provocation of the not entirely uncovered on the mini retrospective of abstract photography by Osman Demiri The abstract, not objective, experimental, or also known as conceptual photography is a means of creating visual, dramatic images and relies on primordial sensations for form, shape, color, curvature, rather than on the sense itself. It has no direct connection with the […]

Aleksandar Kondev – Retrospective

Aleksandar Kondev (1950) is one of those Macedonian photographers and artists whose work is indellibly linked with the development of the photographic art in the country. We are also at liberty to say that Kondev’s work is an integral part of the highest achievements of Macedonian photography starting from the second part of the 20th century up to today. He has been an active force for the past five decades in the varied and divergent […]

Looking At Nothing – Desire In The Future in Mala Stanica

Looking At Nothing – Desire In The Future The international group exhibition Looking At Nothing (Desire In The Future) is an exhibition realized in order to present in one space the video achievements from authors from our region who intensely and focused deal with the audiovisual, with the power of visual cultures and media and their influences, i.e. “the video as an opportunity for reconsidering and critique of one’s being” – Rosalind Krauss. The exhibition […]