Exhibition of Ljubomir Milosheski at Chifte Hammam

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The exhibition of artist Ljubomir Milosheski will open at the National Gallery of Macedonia, object Chifte Hammam, on 3 December 2013 (Tuesday), at 19:30.

ljubomir milosheski chifte 1

Ljubomir Milosheski speaks at this exhibition about the artist as a nomad and poses the question – how important is the place of living for the creative process. The socio-human is preoccupied with mobile technology, internet, culture, he travels, constructs… enters a new epoch, moves (migrates), enters the system of migrations from all spheres. Through this we can ask the question how important is the place where we live for the process of creation.

ljubomir milosheski chifte 2

ljubomir milosheski chifte 3

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