Exhibition of Simon Shemov “Multiverse” in Daut pasha hamam

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“All the time is now”, says the poet and essayist A.D. Hope, fully aware of the complexity woven into poetic imagination, amplified with ideas of the past and the future from the vantage point of the unattainable present. Eternity is the paradox.

Eternity isn’t a physical location, but a mental state in which every second in history is contemplated, as if it’s happening right now. This is true regardless of whether one’s contemplating ancient philosophy at this very minute or perhaps some future possibility based on an intuition experienced at that particular moment, or whether one simply gazes at a star whose light has originated in the past and due to the discourse of time and space, it is visible to us right now, which underestimates the questions about the boundlessness of space in the universe, time, light…

This idea is an announcement of the new visual sensation offered by Simon Shemov, i.e. a decades long artistic production that despite the new “empiricism”, has carried the burden of last year’s experience for more than half a century, with the ontology and anthological significance of a rich artistic credo. The subject of interest here is the latest creative cycle of maestro Simon Shemov, titled “Multiverse”, which mainly deals with the aspects of cosmology and cosmogony, specifically the questions surrounding the emergence and existence of the cosmos and universe and of course, using this general phenomenological semantics, and the specific humanistic existential nature of human beings, the quest towards extracting the special from the general and vice versa, through the subjective and singular towards the boundless.

In the latest opus of 400 works, we can accentuate “four phenomenological aspects that are analogous to his recurring interests through the chronological matrix and appear as threads of discourse throughout his entire artistic opus (from the very beginnings in the mid 60s until today). It concerns his interest and natural indoctrination with pantheism, and consequently and quite logically is followed by fascination with questions about the origin and existence of the universe, and subsequently cosmology/cosmogony as key benchmarks ad acta, then the aspects of the connection between art and the nature of play (i.e. the eternal thirst for exploration, experimentation, animation of self and the audience – with a certain degree of participative direct or indirect input) and semiotics and his passion with exploring and transforming symbols and archetypes.” (Ana Frangovska)

“The challenge of his childhood remains a source of stimulation in his artistic endeavours; it still drives his hunger to explore, which begins with a dot made by pen and ink, and even today, curiously peeks behind the fence, behind his Polyptych, permanently hoping that one day this exploration will lead him to find the answer, the truth of our existence, of all things in existence in this infinite cosmogony. The search continues. And THE END is nowhere in sight. Shemov is enamoured with all living things. This is where his immeasurable obstinacy lies and his unwavering determination to uncover the SURVIVAL in the whole universe, whatever, wherever and however large it may be.” (Sonja Abadzieva)

The opening of the exhibition is on September 27, at 8:00 p.m., at the Daut-Pashin Hammam, and will last until November 27.

The curator of the project is Ana Frangovska.




Simon Shemov was born in 1941 in Kavadarci, the Republic of Macedonia. In 1963, he graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. He obtained his masters degree in 1971/72 at the Slade School of Fine Arts, London University College in Great Britain. From 1970 until 1981, he taught painting and drawing at the Faculty of Architecture in Skopje, and since 1981, he taught painting, drawing, sculpture, handmade paper (cellulose medium) in the capacity of a lecturer, visiting and regular professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts (painting department) at the University of St. Cyril and Methodius Skopje. Between 1993 and 1995, he was the Dean of the Faculty. During the academic year 1991/92, he taught the course Experimental handmade paper at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, as part of the Fullbright Scholar Programme.

Some of the artistic disciplines which he has mastered are: apart from drawing, painting and creating using handmade paper (cellulose medium), he also practices: graphics, mosaic, installation and artistic interventions.

He has given many individual lectures in the capacity of a guest lecturer at the following institutions: Art Institute Chicago; The Universities of: Boston, Iowa, Tempe, Santa Clara – USA, the Musashino University, Tokyo – Japan, as well as at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Veliko Trnovo – Bulgaria.

Between 1993 and 1998, he led the project titled “Types of cellulose fibres of plant based origin in Macedonia” on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia. Between 2000 and 2003, he worked as an author and coordinator for the UNESCO and Tempus programmes. The project titled “Cellulose Medium” within the Tempus programme was implemented in partnership with Germany (the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg) and Italy (The Scuola Internazionale di Grafica di Venezia).

He is the recipient of numerous national and international awards for his achievements in fine arts.

Independent exhibitions and interventions with colour:

1964    Rabotnicki Univerzitet, Skopje

1967    Kolarac People’s University, Belgrade, Serbia

            Rabotnicki Univerzitet, Skopje

1968    Art Gallery, Skopje

1969    Rabotnicki Univerzitet, Strumica

            Drama Theatre (together with D. Percinkov), Skopje

1972    New Line Gallery, Bradford, Great Britain

            Yugoslavian Club, London, Great Britain

1973    New 57 Gallery, Edinburgh, Great Britain

            Skopje (Petar Mazev studio), first happening in Macedonia (together with N. Fidanovski and D. Boven)

            Mount Deshat, spatial interventions, together with N. Fidanovski

            Skopje, interventions “Blossoming Boulevard” (together with N. Fidanovski)

1974    Skopje, interventions on the flyover – armatures of the unfinished shopping centre “Most”

1976    Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje

            Youth Centre (together with N. Fidanovski), Skopje

1978    City Museum, Kavadarci

1981    Cultural Information Centre, Skopje

1982    Museum of Contemporary Art, (in partnership with N. Fidanovski), Skopje

1983    Prilep (Varosh), Coloured interventions (together with N. Fidanovski)

1984    Butchers “Bace”, Skopje, intervention “In honour of Rembrandt”

            Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, retrospective exhibition

            Youth Centre, Skopje, New tendencies on the Macedonian fine art scene in the last decade

1985    Art Gallery “Skopje”, Skopje

            Modern Gallery, Zrenjanin, Yugoslavia

            Skopje (Vodno), intervention (spatial impact of colours)

            Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, intervention “Stripes Colour Palette”

1986    Museum of Contemporary Art (in partnership with N. Fidanovski), Skopje

            Cultural Centre (in partnership with N. Fidanovski), Bitola

            Yugoslavian Cultural Centre, New York, USA

1990    Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro, N. Carolina, USA

            Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje graphics (donated by S. Shemov to the Dental Clinic – Skopje)

1994    Open Studio of Tome Adzievski, Skopje

1995    Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje (retrospective exhibition)

2000    Millennium Dome, London, Great Britain

            Gallery “Aero”, Skopje

            Building of studios, Faculty of Fine Arts, Skopje, “House of the Sun”

2001    Nuremberg, Germany

2002    Pordenone, Italy

2003    Art Gallery “Skopje” – Daut Pasin Amam, Skopje, “Holy Forest”

            Art Gallery, Bitola (together with Boris Shemov)

2011    Exhibition space “AEG”, Nuremberg, Germany

            Kavadarci, Stip, Prilep

2012 Skopje, National Gallery, Mala Stanica, Simon Shemov and Hans Herpich

2013 Matica Exclusive, Skopje

2023 National Gallery of Macedonia, Skopje, Daut Pasin Amam, “From Singularity to the Universe”


Group Exhibitions

Simon Shemov has taken part in more than 230 group exhibitions in almost all prominent art centres in the world, on all continents.


1966    Strumica, Strumica Art Colony

1967    Novi Sad, Macedonian Art of the youngest generation, Salon Tibine Mladih

Skopje, Contemporary Macedonian Painting – young generation, MoCA

Skopje, Aspects of drawings in Macedonia, MoCA

Belgrade (Serbia), III. Yugoslavian triennial

Skopje, Contemporary Macedonian Art – current trends

Struga, Poetry and Painting Salon

Sofia, IX. International Youth Festival


1968    Skopje, Our Past, Art Gallery

1969    Slovenj Gradec, Avant-garde art in Yugoslavia 1919-69, Art pavilion

Ferrara, Contemporary Macedonian Artists, Ex chiesa di S. Romano

Istanbul, Ankara (Turkey), Contemporary Macedonian Art, Resim ve heykel muzesi

Belgrade; Sarajevo; Zagreb, Contemporary Macedonian Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje, 25 years of ASNOM

Strumica; Ohrid, Pieces from the Strumica Art Colony

1970    Skopje, My treasured art work, Art Gallery

Skopje, Paintings and sculptures from the MoCA collection, MoCA

Paris; Nimes; Chelles, Calais (France), 10 peintres Macedoniens, Museè des Beaux Arts de Nimes; Centre culturel de la ville de Chelles

Zagreb, Exhibition UFAY

Struga, Poetry as an inspiration

Strumica, Art Colony

1971    Skopje, Works by Macedonian Artists from the MoCA collection, MoCA (10)

1972    Iași, Piatra Neamț, Contemporary Macedonian Art, Central Exhibition pavilion

1973    Kazimierz (Poland), Pieces from the International Art Colony

1973/74  Skopje, 25 of UFAY– exhibition of the SFAM celebrating International  Week of Art

1974    Vrnjacka Banja (Serbia), Contemporary Macedonian Painting

Kavadarci, Exhibition by fine artists from Kavadarci

Lublin (Poland), І International Art Colony

Kumanovo; Skopje, Sister Cities

1975    Sombor (Serbia), XV. Autumn of art (V. Triennial of Yugoslavian drawings)

Banja Luka (Bosnia Herzegovina), VII. Autumnal and І. International Salon of fine arts

1976    Zagreb (Croatia), Contemporary Macedonian Art Gallery “Forum”

1977    Athens, Contemporary Yugoslavian Art, Etniki pinakothiki, Alexander Soutzos museum

Skopje, Macedonian contemporary graphics, Youth Centre “25 May”

Zagreb, Contemporary Macedonian Fine Art, Gallery “Forum”

Zadar (Croatia), Blue Salon

1978  Banja Luka, Contemporary Macedonian Art from the cycle Contemporary Fine Art of SFRY, Cultural Centre

Tetovo, Contemporary Macedonian Fine Art (from the MoCA collection), Cultural Centre

Graz, 16. Contemporary Macedonian Art Neue Galerie am Landes musum Joanneum

Skopje, Contemporary Yugoslavia Graphics, CKI

Skopje, Drawings SFAM

1979  Skopje, 34th annual exhibition of SFAM (20.10. – 05.11.), MoCA

1980    Skopje, Purchase of art works from RSZK (1977 – 1979), MoCA

Skopje, Contemporary Macedonian graphics (from the MoCA collection), MoCA

Skopje, Contemporary Norwegian and Macedonian graphics from the MoCA – Skopje collection – CKI

Skopje, Donated pieces (1971 – 1980), MOCA

Belgrade, Contemporary Macedonian graphic artists, Gallery “Borba”

Skopje, 11. SFAM graphics, NUL “St. Clement of Ohrid”

1981    Zagreb, Contemporary graphics in Macedonia, Gallery “Forum”

Skopje, 7. USFAY’81, MOCA – Skopje, October/November

1982    Skopje, Contemporary Macedonian Art, MoCA

Skopje, Acquisitions III, Museum of Contemporary Art

1984    Skopje, New tendencies in Macedonian fine art in the last decade, “25 May”

Skopje, 40 years of Macedonian fine art creativity 1944 – 1984, MoCA

1985    Sarajevo, A reflection of the 80s, Collegium Artisticum

Skopje, Contemporary Macedonian Fine Art (from the MoCA collection, Museum of Contemporary Art

Skopje, Contemporary Macedonian Fine Art (from the MoCA collection), Skopje Fair

  1. Belgrade, Karan & Students 1950/85, Gallery Cultural Centre “Student city”

1986    Skopje, Acquisitions V (1984 – 1985), MoCA

Skopje, Contemporary Yugoslavian Painting (from the MoCA collection – Skopje), Museum of Contemporary Art

Skopje, 6 Macedonian fine artists, MoCA

Skopje, Yugoslavian graphics 1950 – 1980, MoCA

Tashkent, Contemporary Skopje style graphics of Skopje, Sono za hudožnikov uzbekistana

Melbourne; Sydney (Australia) 15 contemporary Macedonian graphic artists

Skopje, Contemporary Macedonian artists (from the MoCA collection), MoCA

Belgrade, 6 Macedonian artists, Museum of Contemporary Art

Skopje, the 80s through the eyes of Macedonian Fine Art, Museum of Macedonia

1987    Skopje, Donated works 1983 – 1986, MoCA

Skopje, Geomtreicism and its types and forms in Macedonian fine art, Museum of Macedonia

Jiangxi, 15 contemporary Macedonian graphic artists, Artists’ Centre

Skopje, Art Colony, Hotel “Continental”; Youth Centre “25 May”

1988  Skopje, Artistic circle „25“, Youth Cente “25 May”

Bitola, 6 Triennial of Yugoslavian graphic arts, Gallery of Contemporary Yugoslavian Graphic Art

Skopje; Bitola; Stip; Acquisitions 7, MoCA; Art Gallery „M. Pijade“, Bedesten

Belgrade, 6th Triennial of Yugoslavian Fine Art of Belgrade, Belgrade Fair

Skopje, Macedonian Fine Art 1948 – 1988, Art Gallery

Skopje; Tetovo, Surrealism and its types and forms in the contemporary Macedonian fine art, Museum of Macedonia, Cultural Centre “Iljo Anteski Smok”

1989    Belgrade, Armenians for Yugoslavian artists, Centre of Soviet Culture

Sarajevo, Yugoslavian documents, Olympic Centre “Skenderija”, Sarajevo

Cologne, Modern Macedonian graphic art, Spanischen Baudes Kolner Rathauses

Belgrade, Contemporary Macedonian graphic art, Gallery ULUS (22)

1989/1990       Jaroměř; Olomouc; Prague, Contemporary Macedonian graphic art, Mestskem muzev; Kraljske vlastivedne muzeum; Pamatnik narodnino pisemnictvi

1990    Skopje, 15 contemporary Macedonian painters, Skopje fair

Skopje; Bitola; Kumanovo; Strumica; Stip, 21st exhibition of graphics of SFAM

NUL “St. Clement of Ohrid”, Art Gallery “M. Pijade”, Art Gallery; NI Institute and Museum – Stip

Kraljevo, Six Macedonian graphic artists, National Museum

Kumanovo, Contemporary Yugoslavian Drawings (from the MoCA collection – Skopje), Art Gallery

Skopje, Small size, Gallery “Glam”

1991    Skopje, Painting and tradition, Gallery “Harfa”

Skopje, Paintings – sculptures – graphics, Gallery “Anima”

Skopje, New permanent presentation, MoCA

1991/92 Sofia (Bulgaria), Contemporary experience from Macedonia, Paint. Gallery St. Cyril and Methodius

1992    Skopje, Winter Salon, Art Gallery

Skopje, 14 Macedonian artists in the 80s, MoCA

Plovdiv; Razlog (Bulgaria), Contemporary Macedonian graphic art, Art Gallery “Zlatko Bojadzie”, MKC

Kumanovo, Contemporary Macedonian painting and sculpture (from the MoCA collection – Skopje), Art Gallery

Tempe, Faculty of Fine Arts “St. Cyril and Methodius” – Skopje Art Gallery at the Arizona State University

Ankara (Turkey), 4th International Asian Biennial, General Directorate of Fine Arts

1994    Budapest (Hungary), Naturally, Ernst Muzeum

Skopje, Anthology of Macedonian Fine Art 1894 – 1994, MoCA

1995    Paris; Skopje, 12 contemporary Macedonian artists in Paris, Spadem Parvi; Art Gallery

Skopje, Studio B and its artists, MGS

1996 Skopje, Quartet, Gallery “Selekt”

Rome (Italy); Podgorica (Montenegro), Aspects of modern art in Macedonia, Palazzo “Ruspoli“; Contemporary Art Centre Dvorac Petrović

Skopje, Mediterranean context of Macedonian painting and tapestry, Art Gallery

Bitola, Paintings from the MoCA international and national collection – Skopje, Gallery of Institute and Museum

1997  Ljubljana, Zagreb, 12 contemporary Macedonian artists, Mestna Gallery,
          Museum Gallery Centre

1998    Skopje, Art exodus’98, Art Gallery Daut Pasin Amam

2000    Skopje, Donations – Acquisitions 1987 – 2000, Museum of Contemporary Art

Ljubljana, European Culture Month, Gallery “Krka”

Apatin (Serbia), Painting – Space, Cultural Centre “Apatin”

London (Great Britain), Millennium experiment, Millennium Dome

2001    Skopje, Transformations, Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje

2002    Paris, Autumn Salon, Espace Autevil

Skopje, Drawing – selection from the collection of MoCA, Department of education Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje

2003    Skopje, Painting with a song, Art Salon of MASA

Paris, Dialogue, UNESCO

Skopje, Exhibition from the MoCA collection – Skopje, Museum of Contemporary Art

2005 Skopje, Macedonian drawings from the collection of the National Gallery of Macedonia, NGM Cifte Amam

Bitola, the potential of screen painting, NI Institute and Museum

2008    Skopje, Exhibition 2112, Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje (Sagittarius) (21 December)

2010/11  Skopje, Red mornings, “Art factor” and Cultural Information Centre

     Skopje (Dec/Jan)

2011    Skopje, The Invisible Landscape, Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje

Skopje – Fragments; Macedonian fine art scene 1991 – 2011, NI MoCA

Tallinn (Estonia), In City…In citie, Nokia Kontserdimaja, Tallinn

2014    Skopje, Museum of Contemporary Art

2015    Skopje, From the collections of Skopje, Museum of the City of Skopje

Skopje, Clement and Naum and their spiritual light, Cultural Centre, Municipality of Ilinden

2016    Skopje, Non-figurative tendencies in the 60s, Museum of Contemporary Art (Collection of the MoCA)

Skopje, Sculptural, Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje

Skopje, Let’s give solidarity another chance (auction exhibition 06.09.) Museum of Contemporary Art

2017/18 Skopje, Linear drawing, Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje

Skopje, Macedonian postcard (from the MoCA collection Skopje), MoCA

2018    Skopje, Connections in the collections – Italian and Macedonian parallels, Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje

2019    Skopje, Contemporary sculpture – SFAM Gallery YCC (April)

2021    Skopje, Large format II, Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje

2022    Skopje, Acquisitions – Donations 2017 – 2021, Ni Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje (02.IV)



1968    Skopje, “Nereski majstori” Award at the Autumnal exhibition of SFAM

1969    Skopje, Award for painting, awarded by the newspaper “Mlad Borec”

1975    Skopje, Purchase award for the conceptual design of fountain in Skopje


Publishing activity

  1. He published the work “Cellulose medium handmade paper, types of local cellulose and their comparison with the already established cellulose raw materials”, a publication of scientific, research, creative and artistic nature.
  2. He published the work “Cellulose medium handmade paper and other similar fields”, as scholarly literature.
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