Mice Jankulovski Micko – Solo Exhibition 50 Years of Artistic Production

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MICKO Mice Jankulovski since his early age has started with painting and parallel he is very active in the field of drawing, graphic cartoon and satirical painting on glass. The work on animation films and palindromes are researches through which he was satisfied his curiosity and need to express himself in other media, but in the same time those experiences has built him as an artist, so today the art professionals recognize him as multimedia artist. 

National Gallery, Multimedia Center “Mala Stanica”18 – 28 August 2020

After 50 years of artistic production in different media, MICKO Mice Jankulovski today is painting only in black. On the very beginning, he was painting different forms in different colors exploring the visual effect and movement as a result of their interaction both as forms and as colors, and after 50 years he discovers that the black is contained of all colors, that naturally the light is moving, so he starts to paint big canvases with forms and patterns only in black, which, including the light as an integral part of the painting – create endless sensations…

When started to paint only in black, besides the colors, he got rid of the brushes as well, but what is the art if not “… elimination of the unnecessary”? (Picasso)

The worlds that MICKO Mice Jankulovski discovers with the black were instantly recognized as an exceptionally significant contribution to an exclusive segment of artists in the art history who painted with black. As a result – numerous awards followed at important events worldwide:  El Greco Award for Best Artist (Art Thessaloniki 2019, Greece); Lorenzo Il Magnifico Award for Lifetime Achievement (XII Florence Biennale 2019, Italy); Artist of the World (Larnaca Biennale 2018, Cyprus); GRAND PRIX (19th International Print Biennial 2017, Varna, Bulgaria); GRAND PRIX (1997) and two Special Prizes (1985, 1971) on the World Gallery of Cartoon, Skopje; City of Skopje Award “13th November” (1985)… and many others, including many invitations for cooperation of relevant institutions, museums, galleries…

Many authors have written reviews and critical texts about Jankulovski’s work, and besides them, several monographs about Jankulovski’s work were published, with reviews by internationally renowned art historians and art critics, such as Aleksandr Borovsky, Russia; Enzo di Martino, Italy; Prof. Manos Stefanidis, Greece; Dr. Melanie Zeferrino, Italy; Zsolt Petrányi PhD, Hungary; Denitsa Yaneva PhD, Bulgaria, as well as colleagues-artists Maty Grunberg, Israel, Olga Tobreluts, Russia and the diplomat, writer and poet Milan Jazbec, Slovenia. Jankulovski is included in the anthology “Macedonian Caricature” by Vladimir Velickovski (1994) and in the anthology “Visual Arts in Macedonia – XX century”, Book II – Multimedia Art by Sonja Abadzieva (2017).


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