Personal exhibition by Kamuran Goranci – CODE4

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We cordially invite you to the opening of Kamuran Goranci’s personal exhibition at the Chifte Hammam Gallery on 05.09.2024 at 19:00.

22 works of art will be exhibited in acrylic technique on fabric, which were made in the period 2020-2024.

The paintings demonstrate a technical evolution from his earlier exhibitions, such as Code 1 in Köln, Germany, Code 2 in the Gallery of Tirana in Albania, and “Code 3” in the Gallery of Shkodra in Albania. Now, we encounter his personally conceived Code 4 in the National Gallery of the Republic of North Macedonia, marked by a sophistication of expressive means and an attempt at philosophizing.

This artistic event takes place in the center of Skopje, where tradition and contemporary communication play a crucial role, casting a glimpse over the shoulders of both. It holds significant importance in the context of his creative individuality. In most cases the painting is a grammatical analysis, composition and at the same time dissolution of tools that have historically been entrusted to the artist to manifest himself where creative and life experience has continuously nurtured over the years and has passionately preserved and loved the chromatic richness. The colors in these compositions are pasty, stony, thrown here and there, signifying an expressive state. So, in these cases, some abstract expressionist images are presented, although with a balance of warmth and cold, light and dark, accompanied with strange shapes and bare colors.

In these paintings, from the periphery of the color sphere it is passed to the surface where the technique of realization seems important. They are realized with the maximum of expressive means, the drawing goes to the limits of non-being, to emphasize the presence of the value of beauty in an environment immersed in chaos, in dynamism.

All the paintings on this solemn occasion are made on sensitivity and harmony which are now present and coded from the artistic aspect, ultimately fixing reality, images and emotions in dream structures. Communication with love in a universal image, which is far from our existence, as something more distant from the unknown to the known, in a figurative, simple and promising way.

To freeze in them subtle relationships between colors, in a specific expression, following the demand for new, more attractive images to intervene in the invisible world, which is always accompanied by a limit, and which appears as finite explosions of a space dizzying, different from those of the universe. What attracts to the compositional construction is, without a doubt, the treatment of logical formations.

Through it, monumental compositions are created, where the details and the large ones are solved by reducing and enlarging the coloristic traces, to see further specific treatments in their recompositions.

Zeni Ballazhi, Curator

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