Dita Starova Qerimi

The Director of the National Gallery of Macedonia, D-r Dita Starova Qerimi (1984) is an eminent academic painter and pedagogue, docent at the Faculty of Architecture and Design, University “American College” – Skopje. She gains her first artistic education in Paris, spending her early school days in the Lycée “Janson de Sailly. After four years of education in the well-known studio Ecole d’art Delaroyere located in the same city, she holds her first exhibition.

She successfully graduates from the Secondary School of Applied Arts, “Lazar Lichenoski” in her native Skopje. She graduates from the Faculty of Fine Art, University St. “Cyril and Methodius”, Department of Painting and Graphic Design with an average grade of 10, achieving same success in mastering Fine Arts at the same Faculty. In 2014 she holds a doctorate degree (a Ph.D.) from the “EuroBalkan” University with topic “The Mural Painting in Islamic Sacred Buildings in the Republic of Macedonia through practical analysis of the human contribution”, under mentorship of prof. Dr. Mehmet Ibrahim Gül from the “Gazi” Faculty, University of Ankara, Turkey. Her works have been issued both locally and abroad, whereas the doctoral dissertation published by “Logos A” from Skopje.

Within her professional biography, Dita Starova-Qerimi has so far held 14 solo and over 50 group exhibitions in Macedonia, USA, France, Turkey, Bulgaria, Kosovo and other countries. She is a winner of the “Metodija Ivanovski Mende” Award – Small format 2012, of the “SIAB” Award and other domestic and foreign acknowledgements. Many of her artworks are part of the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art and the National Gallery of the Republic of Macedonia in Skopje, as well as part of art collections in Canada, Turkey and France. She is a member of the Macedonian Artists’ Association (DLUM), of the Artists Association “Art Vizion”, the Artists Association of Macedonia “Draudakum” and others. The artworks of Dr. Dita StarovaQerimi receive positive opinion from the critics since her very first exhibition. Her professor, Ms. Irene Delaroyer de Ramel, in view of Starova-Qerimi’s paintings from the students’ final exhibition in the mentioned studio in Paris, will say: She handles the secrets of the drawing with natural easiness and successfully enters the painting mysteries.

Her exhibited paintings easily suggest the inner creative power, especially the power to deal with the world of colors. The art critic, Sonja Abadzieva, will as well emphasize that the cult of the rich chromatic orchestrations in Dita Starova’s canvases is probably due to her long-years’ direct connection with the capital of the French and the world’s fine art – with Paris – surrounding where she grew up, developed and inspired the bohemian charm of the beauty. On the occasion of the thematic orientation “Border” for one of her exhibitions, the art critic Ana Frangovska will note: “The desire to cross beyond the border often imposes the question of belonging, identification, distinctiveness, and consequently it “feeds the curiosity” of discovering the unknown and the expected, the untouched and the unspent. This curiosity can challenge each one of us, but confronting the Other and the Otherness, the Beyond, that behind the Borders, regardless of the experience, makes us wiser, more powerful. Dita Starova’s paintings guide you across one border.

Cross it, and you will become richer for one more visual-aesthetic experience.” D-r Dita Starova-Qerimi has been Director of the National Gallery of Macedonia since 2015. In a relatively short period, she succeeded in directing the overall positive energy of the collective towards presentation of fundamental authors and artworks that have marked the Macedonian Fine Art, as well as towards authors from abroad. One of the many worth mentioning is the very successful jubilee exhibition of artworks by the painter Petar Mazev, opened in 2017 (visited by more than ten thousands guests), followed by one of the biggest and most successful presentations of artworks by the mural artist, Borko Lazeski, as well as the exhibition dedicated to the 100th Anniversary from the birth of the painter Ibrahim Kodra, one of the last European colossuses of the cubism.

Other notable exhibitions followed as well, encompassing works of the domestic and worldwide fine art. Worth mentioning are as well the occasion-related and special projects implemented on the initiative of the Director and conducted for the purpose of raising public awareness for the most vulnerable categories of children. These projects were carried out by organizing large numbers of art workshops, various events functionally adapted to children with special needs, all that in cooperation with the competent institutions, but also with the support and engagement of their parents. This includes the art project “Art for All”, intended for children from the earliest school age until their completion of secondary education, supported by the Dutch Embassy in Macedonia.

Dr. Dita Starova Qerimi has been involved in the implementation of some of the important projects for restoration of the Memorial House in honor of Lazar Lichenoski and the reconstruction of the exhibition buildings the “Daut Pasha’s Hamam and the “Chifte-Hamam”, which are both treated as protected cultural heritage.


contact: ditastarovaqerimi@gmail.com


phone: +389(0) 2 3126-856

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