Exhibition by Zaneta Gelevska Veljanoska in Chifte hamam

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Exhibition by Zaneta Gelevska Veljanoska in the National Gallery of Macedonia, object Chifte hamam on december 10th 2015 at 20:00 hours.


“Connection” is the title of the exhibition which in itself suggests symbiosis of the most important values in life and in art. Zaneta Gelevska – Veljanoska invites the viewers to a new view of the term “community”.

With her works, as in life, Zaneta communicates spirituality, insight and consistency, this time in a combined technique on canvas, by inserting collages, old photos from the past together with the modern forms of the present. The author conveys “art of the joy of life” and creates works close to the human environment that create a need for companionship with him. However, I would especially point out the “connection with the child” of every human being, as something most profound within each of us.

The child in every human never stands still. No matter how much a person grows, becomes educated, becomes successful, and forgets about the childhood, in the soul he/she remains a restless and naive child. A person sometimes returns to the past remembering that everything has changed, but no regardless of how much he/she grew, that honest child will always live in him/her and will make him/her go further, saying that nothing can stop him/her and that everything can be solved.

In the works of the author it is, above all, about incorporating moves, disordered traces on the canvas, generators of a pictorial space different from the perceptive, traces of mental universe and the deepest interior of the creator.

In any case, it is sufficient to read, to listen and to look once more at the polyphonic works of the artist to convince ourselves of that.

zaneta gelevska

Systemyzing the internal drives his own sensibility, in his works Zaneta Gelevska-Veljanoska aims to synthetic and powerful way of expression. Systemizing the internal drives of her own sensibility, Zaneta Gelevska – Veljanoska in her works aims to synthetic and powerful way of expression. The lexis of her paintings is layered and thoughtfully intercrossed with the various experiences and moods so that it is liberated from an entire concrete logic in favor of the dictate of the senses and feelings with emotional outbursts of internal energy and psychic vibrations.

Through the palette of canvases, Gelevska is guiding us through a remarkable compositional determination of the surface, at the same time achieving a complex performance, coupled with the knowledge, above all, of the creation of the world as a challenge to the being itself. In her initial impulse, the approach of the author has been deprived of declarative-utilitarian bias, her motives are caused by areas belonging primarily to the creative individual psychological and humanistic understanding. The works are cheerful and full of optimism, fed with a passion for life and interest in the simplicity of the everyday life, with motifs that express life’s joy, nonviolence and aspiration towards euphoric emotions.

Zaneta Gelevska’s world is full of unrest, painting ensembles, energetic accents, exhaustive research, compact sensitive charge, harmonized gradations, rhythmically balanced. Gelevska is proving herself as an author with high pictorial sensibility and a skilful expert on the psychology of color and its impact on the viewer. The drawing, the form and the light are contained in the color applied with curved strokes and the circular segments.

These means of expression are associated with some abstract and figurative meanings, as well as with the rhythm of the painterly perceived game. The suggestion arises from the transformed forms of visible reality. In her coloristic eruptions pulsates the artwork as an expression of the inner spiritual essence of the artist freed from the present world.

Zaneta boldly experiments with the psychological impact of color, with its strength and energy. Colorful, with a multitude of shades from a wide range of colors, and the results are fascinating because the works radiate a multitude of shades of colors that change in the different light during the day, and that testifies to the coloristic treasure of this author and her superior knowledge of color. Boldly and especially skillfully used complementary colors, successfully obtaining the impression of harmony, so that next to the purple she uses clear yellow and calm orange color, whereas the fire of the red nuances is soothed with green tones. The mutual interaction of the colors is also intriguing, giving the work its base note and character with the help of light, instigating at the viewer a whole scale of emotions and reactions, from fine and subtle to those strong and striking. This coloration simultaneously leaves a deep impression

zaneta gelevska 1

on the viewer’s mood, so that the strong red shades evoke energy, passion and liveliness, and the pastel tones of white reliefs soothe them.

The physical and metaphysical aspects of color, continuously intertwined and woven into the works of this intuitive author, with her strong coloration and passionate research nerve, create a real “colorful fireworks”.

The constituent elements in the painting achievements of Zaneta Gelevska – Veljanoska successfully radiate signs of duration, as well as of constant pursuit in the interior of the being and the memory, and these aspects are essential for the human creative existence.

The artist expresses her feelings, unrest and anxiety to incite an emotional reaction from the viewer, away from the real world.

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