Looking At Nothing – Desire In The Future in Mala Stanica

Looking At Nothing – Desire In The Future The international group exhibition Looking At Nothing (Desire In The Future) is an exhibition realized in order to present in one space the video achievements from authors from our region who intensely and focused deal with the audiovisual, with the power of visual cultures and media and their influences, i.e. “the video as an opportunity for reconsidering and critique of one’s being” – Rosalind Krauss. The exhibition […]

Aleksandar Kondev Retrospective Exhibition

Aleksandar Kondev (1950) is one of those Macedonian photographers and artists whose work is indellibly linked with the development of the photographic art in the country. ALEKSANDAR KONDEV – THE WORLD AS A VISUAL CHALLENGE (Summary) Aleksandar Kondev (1950) is one of those Macedonian photographers and artists whose work is indellibly linked with the development of the photographic art in the country. We are also at liberty to say that Kondev’s work is an integral […]

Exhibition of Ismet Ramićević in Cifte hammam

On the October 28, 2014 (Tuesday), starting at 8 pm, NI National Gallery of Macedonia, in the object Chifte Hammam will present the solo exhibition of Ismet Ramićević titled “Direction”. Locating the position of Ismet Ramicevic within a certain framework of the history of contemporary Macedonian art, certainly as an inevitable determinant we must point out his affiliation with the generation that began creating in this territory in the eighties and defined the Macedonian art […]

Jubilee exhibition of Vasilije Popovic – Cico (1914-2014)

Please note that the October 4, 2014 (Saturday), beginning at 20:00 pm, organized by the NI National Gallery of Macedonia and Museum of the Macedonian National Theatre, in Daut Pasha Hamam will be presented jubilee exhibition Centential, Vasilije Popovic – Cico (1914-2014). The exhibition is part of the event “White Night”. It will be open until November 4, 2014. Vasilije Popovic – Cico was born in 1914 in Shkodra, Montenegro, and in 1938 he graduated […]

Nafi Jashari and Dzelil Rufati in Chifte Hammam

It is a great honor for the National Gallery of Macedonia to present works by Professor Nafi Jashari, and this is just a small part of the mosaic of social actions for enriching the artistic and cultural life in Macedonia. The work of Nafi Jashari as a professor at the Faculty of Art in Tetovo, and his teaching the secrets of graphic art, is a further definition and direction in the life of this author […]

Jubilee exhibition of Nikola Martinoski in Daut Pasha Hammam

This exhibition marks the 110th anniversary of the birth and the 40th anniversary of the death of academician Nikola Martinoski, an author who is of particular importance, with his complex and ample artwork, to the foundation and development of contemporary Macedonian art. He was born on 18.08.1903 in Krushevo. He studied and graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Bucharest, 1920-1927.  During the period of 1927-1928 he visited the Académie de la Grande Chaumière […]

Aferdita Kiki at Chifte Hammam

One of the tasks of the National Gallery of Macedonia, which works on the preservation and promotion of the Macedonian art in, is the promotion of artwork beyond the borders of its country. Art, as part of the social-cultural living, uses a universal language of expression and it is precisely this social discipline that is one of the most important threads of global communication. With Aferdita Kiki’s exhibition at the Cultural and Information Centre of […]

Demir Beluli – Retrospective exhibition (1956 – 2013)

We gladly accepted to organize the exhibition of author Demir Beluli at the National Gallery of Macedonia, in Chifte hamam, because he is a prolific artist of Albanian origin who was born in Presevo and lives in Kosovo, but what binds him to Macedoniais his finishing the Albanian teacher School “Illyria” in Skopje, where he was instructed in painting from doyens Spas Kunovski and Vancho Gjorgjievski who will forever leave a strong impact on his […]

Exhibition of Stanko Gjorgjiev in KIC Sofia

Dear all, we hereby inform you that Stanko Gjorgjiev’s exhibition opens in the Cultural Information Center of RM in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 16 July 2013 (Tuesday) at 6:30 pm, organized by the National Gallery of Macedonia. Since his early public appearances till present, Stanko Gjorgjiev has been steadily treading his personal path, elaborating and complementing the presented work of his first exhibition in numerous variants. The presented works are the result of a long working […]