Maja Kirovska and Angel Miov in Chifte Hammam

Game of (pulling the) strings… The explication of Angel Miov’s latest project, ironically titled “Pull the strings…”, offers several open interpretations of the title itself, but also of the artistic material with variable context and meaning in modern life. In the first place, the double meaning (or ambiguity) that is suggested in the title alludes to: the art aesthetics of the material that the artist used in the creation of his works – strings of […]

Ivana Pirkovska at Chifte hammam (exhibition)

„The reason man first directed his gaze towards the sky was not only to satisfy his intellectual curiosity. What man was actually looking for in the sky was his own reflection and the order of his human universe.”   Ernst Cassirer, „An Essay on Man“   Space, time, virtualization and its art sensation. A game that is constantly renewed. From door to door, from one space to another, oscillating continuously through time past, present and […]

Opening of Burim Ukici’s Exhibition

Burim Ukici’s painting is magical, mystical, while at the same time real, clean, clear, calm. Like kisses between dreams and reality, like meetings of prose and matter. In the paintings he brings more than evocation than observation, more emotion than reality, more nostalgia and an inner need for pillars and identity. This means that Burim Ukici paint what he likes and what comes from within him – the impression of internal developments. The composition and […]

Exhibition of Ivana Pirkovska at Chifte Hammam

The exhibition of Ivana Pirkovska, titled “Virtualization of space-time”, will open at the National Gallery of Macedonia, object Chifte Hammam, on 12 December 2013 (Thursday), at 20:00 o’clock. The minimalist project of young sculptor Ivana Pirkovska, titled “Virtualization of space-time”, consists of five transparent hanging installations that correspond mutually and complement each other. The project has been designed from various materials (plexiglass, mirrors, colored hoops, ball, tennis balls, colored strings, colored foils, and objects-drawings)…

Exhibition of Burim Ukici in Chifte Hammam

Dreams and imagination are the very artwork in the soul of the artist. The artist is a medium, a fertile soil for the paintings of his dreams. But, the artist quite soberly turns his dreams into experience, in order to determine the corresponding possibilities between dreams and reality, thus determining whether his dreams echo the voice of all humanity. When talking about young Burim Ukici, i.e., his painting determinations, he insists on a personal expression, […]

Exhibition of Ljubomir Milosheski at Chifte Hammam

The exhibition of artist Ljubomir Milosheski will open at the National Gallery of Macedonia, object Chifte Hammam, on 3 December 2013 (Tuesday), at 19:30. Ljubomir Milosheski speaks at this exhibition about the artist as a nomad and poses the question – how important is the place of living for the creative process. The socio-human is preoccupied with mobile technology, internet, culture, he travels, constructs… enters a new epoch, moves (migrates), enters the system of migrations […]