The Magic of Montmartre – Bitola 2013

Tomorrow (15 november), in the National gallery of Macedonia, object Mala stanica the exhibition “The Magic of Montmartre – Bitola 2013” will take place. The National Gallery of Macedonia, a national institution with over 60 years of experience in working towards preserving and promoting Macedonian fine art, encompasses within its activity and program an educational-didactic department, whose goal is to affirm and educate the youngest population in the sphere of art and culture.  For this purpose, […]

Nafi Jashari and Dzelil Rufati in Chifte Hammam

It is a great honor for the National Gallery of Macedonia to present works by Professor Nafi Jashari, and this is just a small part of the mosaic of social actions for enriching the artistic and cultural life in Macedonia. The work of Nafi Jashari as a professor at the Faculty of Art in Tetovo, and his teaching the secrets of graphic art, is a further definition and direction in the life of this author […]

The exhibition “Macedonian profane painting…“ in Chifte Hammam

On 04.11. 2013 (Monday), at 19:30, at the National Gallery of Macedonia, the object Chifte Hammam will host the opening of the exhibition “Macedonian profane painting” (XIX – early XX century).” The exhibition will be open by Ms Halide Paloshi, director of the National Gallery of Macedonia and academician Cvetan Grozdanov. The curator of the exhibition is Slavica Aleksoska.